Section: Information / Measurement System

Geometrical Measurement System

Textual evidence of geometrical measurement systems. Measurement units are named in sources. For example: degree.  
Contributors: Seshat RAs and Experts

Variable Definition
Polity The Seshat Polity Name
Year(s) The years for which we have the data. [negative = BCE]
Confidence Inferred : The value is inferred.
Suspected : The value is suspected (Expert Check Needed).
Evidenced : The value is backed up by sufficient evidence.
Disputed? No : No disagreement among scholars.
Yes : There is disagreement among scholars.
Expert? : Not yet Checked by a Seshat Expert.
: Checked and accepted by a Seshat Expert (or RA).

Variable Definition
Geometrical Measurement System The absence or presence of "Geometrical Measurement System" for a polity.

Geometrical Measurement System
#    Polity     Year(s)      Geometrical Measurement System   Confidence     Disputed?     Expert?   Edit
1 Austria - Habsburg Dynasty II 1867 CE 1918 CE present Confident No Edit
2 Early United Mexican States * Year Range of Early United Mexican States is assumed.
[1810, 1920]
present Confident No Edit
3 Plantagenet England * Year Range of Plantagenet England is assumed.
[1154, 1485]
present Confident No Edit
4 Us Reconstruction-Progressive * Year Range of Us Reconstruction-Progressive is assumed.
[1866, 1933]
present Confident No Edit
5 Antebellum US * Year Range of Antebellum US is assumed.
[1776, 1865]
present Confident No Edit
6 Tudor and Early Stuart England * Year Range of Tudor and Early Stuart England is assumed.
[1486, 1689]
present Confident No Edit
7 Austria - Habsburg Dynasty I * Year Range of Austria - Habsburg Dynasty I is assumed.
[1454, 1648]
present Confident No Edit
8 Napoleonic France * Year Range of Napoleonic France is assumed.
[1816, 1870]
present Inferred No Edit
9 Dutch Empire * Year Range of Dutch Empire is assumed.
[1648, 1795]
present Confident No Edit
10 British Empire I * Year Range of British Empire I is assumed.
[1690, 1849]
present Confident No Edit
11 Golden Horde * Year Range of Golden Horde is assumed.
[1240, 1440]
Transitional (Absent -> Present) Confident No Edit
12 Saffarid Caliphate * Year Range of Saffarid Caliphate is assumed.
[861, 1003]
present Inferred No Edit
13 Lombard Kingdom * Year Range of Lombard Kingdom is assumed.
[568, 774]
unknown Suspected No Edit
14 Hohokam Culture * Year Range of Hohokam Culture is assumed.
[300, 1500]
unknown Suspected No Edit
15 British Empire IIIIIIIIII * Year Range of British Empire IIIIIIIIII is assumed.
[1850, 1968]
present Confident No Edit
16 Holy Roman Empire - Ottonian-Salian Dynasty * Year Range of Holy Roman Empire - Ottonian-Salian Dynasty is assumed.
[919, 1125]
unknown Suspected No Edit
17 Chaco Canyon - Late Bonito phase * Year Range of Chaco Canyon - Late Bonito phase is assumed.
[1101, 1140]
present Confident No Edit